2023 Student/ Parent/ Teacher Interviews

Student, Parent & Teacher Learning Conferences

Tuesday 31st January 2023 – 8.00am to 7.00pm

The facility for parents to book online is available from today 

We would appreciate bookings being made by : 12pm Thursday 26 January 2023.

All students are expected to attend the learning conferences

The guidelines to follow internet bookings are:

    • Enter our school code of qczh8 (all lower case). Press “GO”.

    • Enter your name

    • Enter your email

    • Select how many of your children you would like to book for

    • Enter student’s name(s)

    • Select – Subject – highlight your child’s room. If you would like a conference with any of our Technology/Arts teachers you can also opt for them

    • Select – Teacher – highlight your child’s teacher or tech. teacher (only one option is available)

    • Press “GO”

    • Select the day and time you would like for your conference

    • Press “GO”

    • Click “Finished”

You will receive a confirmation email of your conference time. You may revisit the website if you would like to amend your booking. 

Conference notes will be sent home within one week of your conference.

Tech Arts Conferences/Reports – Interview times may be booked (as above) or we encourage you to simply pop in and visit your child’s tech art teacher to collect their report and to have an informal chat. No appointment necessary.

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