Anchor AIMS Games Information 2021

There is no easy way to tell you all that the 2021 Anchor AIMS Games has been cancelled.

Last week’s Covid-19 community outbreak and the subsequent return to Level 4 has effectively and abruptly ended our plans to host the tournament in Tauranga, starting from next Saturday.Please know that we are as devastated as you are. We put on this tournament precisely because we know how important it is to you.

We know all of the incredible benefits our young athletes get from it and please understand that for every child upset and disappointed by this turn of events, we are feeling it 11,000-fold.Many of you have asked about the prospect of postponing the tournament – unfortunately, it is not an option, with 25,000 people to accommodate, 1800 officials to organise and 29 venues to be available at the same time.

Some have also suggested excluding areas that have been affected by Covid-19 but our entire philosophy is based around being as inclusive as possible.Unfortunately, there are bigger things afoot in the world and we’re proud we came incredibly close to hosting New Zealand’s largest sporting event despite the spectre of a global pandemic. That was because of our supporters; the folk who tirelessly toiled, who coached and planned, exhorted and motivated.

To get through six months of normality, where sport again showed its value to our society, has truly been a gift. We thank all of you who made that happen, from the bottom of our hearts.And we will be back. Already, we see similar events beginning to return overseas, where vaccinated populations can continue their lives despite Covid’s ravages.Please lock in September 3-9, 2022 – and for those of you who missed your chance at experiencing AIMS Games, use it as motivation to seek similar experiences throughout your high school life.

Kia kaha!

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