Early in Term 1 students are invited to trial for Year 7 and 8, girls and boys, basketball teams.

Players are expected to commit to the entire basketball season including at least one practice per week at a time agreed with their coach.

Transport to and from games each week is the responsibility of parents and caregivers.

Term 1 Registration form

Registration Form


All teams compete on Monday afternoons at TECT arena throughout Terms 2 and 3.

There is a regional tournament held in Rotorua at near the start of Term 3.

MMI usually enters a team into the NZCT AIMS Games competition that is held at the TECT arena in September.  Players are re-trialed to form the Girls and Boys teams.

Coaching and Team Management

Teams are coached and managed by volunteers, so we rely heavily upon support from parents and friends to ensure, that our teams, can be registered to play.  There is an opportunity during the registration process to indicate any offers of assistance.

Basketball Co-ordinator

Charles Gillies-Smith: