Bus Information

Click on the link below to take you straight to Baybus:


If school students travel on the blue dedicated Bayhopper school buses, they will get free travel and will not need to use a Bee Card.

However, if a student uses the yellow Bayhopper buses in Tauranga at any time, including the school free travel period before 9am and between 2:30 and 6pm, they will need a Bee Card.

To help us with school students using the yellow Bayhopper buses, could you please circulate these key messages:

  • If you have a registered Bee Card, tag on the bus (“registered” means you have gone to Beecard.co.nz, created an account and registered the card)


  • If you do not yet have a Bee Card, get one from your bus driver and do not tag on. Create an account tonight @ beecard.co.nz and register the Register the Bee Card tonight @ beecard.co.nz


  • Get a card from the Bee Hive at the Willow Street Interchange and register the Bee Card either in the Bee Hive, or online tonight @ beecard.co.nz

Note, if your Bee Card is not registered you will be charged the adult card fare of $2.72.  If you do not have a Bee Card you will be charged the child cash fare of $2.00.