Mount Maunganui Intermediate Buses

Mount Maunganui Intermediate has 5 buses which are dedicated to our kura. These buses service from Mount Intermediate to Papamoa, Welcome Bay and also Matapihi.
There is no bus from our kura to downtown Mount Maunganui.

On top of this we have the public network that comes past our school at both before and after school.

Please be aware that due to numbers some students from MMI will be required to use the public service. 

To use a MMI bus in 2024 students must….
– Have registered as a bus user – please CLICK HERE
– Have signed our Bus Agreement which will be given to your child on their first day of school or at their Teacher Interview on Monday 5th February. 
– Use our buses with respect.

We will let students know which bus they are assigned to at the start of 2024. It will take a week or so to get the bus system correct so please dont worry. For the first week students will be able to use which bus they like. 

In 2024 students will use their assigned bus to and from school.  They will be issued with a coloured tag which corresponds to their bus. This must be visible at all times.
If they lose this then they can get a new one at the Student Office.

The first stop for all Mount Maunganui Intermediate buses is on the corner of Seaspray Drive and Grenada St. Mount Maunganui Intermediate buses DO NOT stop at Bayfair.

Buses 710b, 711b, 712b, 713b all travel the same route until Pak n Sav Papamoa.
School bus route 710b for students that live in or near Papamoa East.
School bus route 711b for students that live in or near Te Okuroa Drive.
School bus route 712b for students that live in or near Palm Springs Boulevard and Golden Sands Drive.
School bus route 713b for students that live in or near Domain Road.
School bus route 720 for students who live in or near Welcome Bay. This is caught from Mount Maunganui College.

Detailed information about our buses can be found on the Bay Bus website –  CLICK HERE
Maps for the various routes can be found at the bottom of this page. 


BEE Cards

We encourage ALL our students to have a BEE Card. If school students travel on the blue dedicated Bayhopper school buses, they will get free travel and will not need to use a BEE Card.

However, if a student uses the yellow Bayhopper buses in Tauranga at any time, including the school free travel period before 9am and between 2:30 and 6pm, they will need a Bee Card.

How to use your card

  • If you have a registered Bee Card, tag on the bus (“registered” means you have gone to Beecard.co.nz, created an account and registered the card)
  • If you do not yet have a Bee Card, get one from your bus driver and do not tag on. Create an account tonight @ beecard.co.nz and register the Register the Bee Card tonight @ beecard.co.nz
  • Get a card from the Bee Hive at the Willow Street Interchange and register the Bee Card either in the Bee Hive, or online tonight @ beecard.co.nz

Note, if your Bee Card is not registered you will be charged the adult card fare of $2.72.  If you do not have a Bee Card you will be charged the child cash fare of $2.00.

Bus Route - 710b

Bus Route - 711b

Bus Route - 712b

Bus Route - 713b

Bus Route - 720b

Bus Route - Matapihi

April 2024