To ride on any buses other than the blue Bayhopper buses, students need a BEE card. For students, they need to register their card and enter their birth date and then they will automatically receive free travel before 9am and between 2.30 – 6pm on school days and automatically receive the child fare of $1.60 per trip at other times.  Without a registered card they will be charged a cash fare ($2) per trip on the yellow Bayhopper buses.

The blue Bayhopper buses will not have the new ticketing system installed – these will remain free to students at all times. If students only use the blue buses they do not need to have a BEE card.

A big advantage of the new system for families is that they can create a family account and then add all their family cards to the same account. That makes it far easier for them to keep track of balances and arrange top ups (including an auto topup facility).

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