Class Camps 2023


The Board of Trustees has approved all classes taking part in a camp as part of our school’s Education Out of the Classroom (EOTC) programme.

The dates of your child’s class camp can be found below.


The school is asking for a donation of $130 to cover the costs of food, compliance and additional safety instructors. Our school bank account number for direct payments is:
12 3146 0104711 03 Mt Maunganui Intermediate

You will need to write the name of the activity eg: ‘Ngatuhoa Camp’ as the code and also the child’s name will be the reference number.

Parent support

For this camp to proceed we will require parents to attend for the time we are at Ngatuhoa. There is no cost for the parents but they will be required to assist with cooking, supervising students and to take an active part in the outdoor programme. Some of the activities do require a reasonable level of fitness. If you are able to attend our camp please fill out the relevant part google form below. Adults attending this camp need to also know that they may be police vetted. Travel

The children will travel to camp in parent cars and/or the school van. We will require help with this, if you are able to assist in any way please fill in the appropriate part of the google form below.


Gear lists will be sent home prior to the start of camp. It can be quite cold and possibly raining, please ensure that your child has effective and adequate clothing. Please name all clothing.

Home Baking/Fruit

The only food requirement we ask for is home baking and/or fruit to share, which will be collected from the pupils the morning of camp.This baking and fruit is used for the pupil’s morning tea, afternoon tea and suppers. It would be great if it could be supplied in a non-returnable container.

Students also require a packed lunch and morning tea for the first day at camp.

Additional information will be sent home in the near future, closer to when your class goes on camp. However, if you have any questions please contact your child’s teacher. 

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