Climbing Our Way To Success

On the 6th September, we were lucky enough to touch base with some of our rock climbing athletes Mila and Rio Piatek and Lucy Ranger. They have been competing since Monday and have now made it through to the finals which will run on Thursday 7th September.

Mila is a talented rock climber.  She had come first in her Monday qualifiers and in her quarter finals on Tuesday.  She was hopeful that she would be in the top 5 after  Wednesday’s semi finals. Rio is Milas brother, he is also a very good rock climber who came 3rd in his qualifiers and 1st in his quarter finals. Last but certainly not least is Lucy Ranger, who was also very confident in her performance to get through to the finals. Fingers crossed all three of them make it to the finals.

Speed, Top Rope and Boulders are the 3 different categories in a Rock Climbing competition.  Let’s summarise, Speed is very simple, you hop onto a climbing wall and climb up as fast as you possibly can to reach the very top, then you zoom back down. Top Rope is where you want to try to get the furthest up whilst climbing with a certain colour that you can only grab on to. Then there’s Bouldering, which is climbing without a rope! You get unlimited attempts in 2 minutes and 45 seconds and you need to try to get up and down as many times as you can in that time. It is about 3 metres tall, there are 2 zones and a top. 

It was quite an intense environment with quite a crowd watching each of the climbs.

Looking forward to hearing the results from our MMI climbers after the finals on Thursday!

Written by Ayla Wild

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