Our Curriculum

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Teaching and learning at Mt Maunganui Intermediate is based upon the New Zealand Curriculum. Integrated units of work are collaboratively planned with an emphasis on the key competencies and what our learners need to learn. Instructional group teaching in literacy and numeracy is also a priority in our classrooms.

Learning Areas

– English

– Mathematics and Statistics

– Science

– Social Sciences

– Health and Physical Education

– Learning Languages

– The Arts (Visual Art, Music, Dance / Drama)

– Technology (Food and Nutrition, Hard Materials and Digitech)

Mt Maunganui Intermediate is an exciting place where students are able to explore, grow and develop by making the most of the numerous opportunities offered, while still maintaining the safety, security, support and targeted teaching in the home room environment.

We acknowledge the needs of our students and we:

  • Nurture students’ academic capacities and have proven success in shifting student achievement
  • Differentiate instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners
  • Shape our curriculum based on the needs and interests of students
  • Develop students’ leadership and voice
  • Create a safe learning environment
  • Engage students in the community

Other Learning Opportunities

– Accelerate Class

At Mount Maunganui Intermediate School we offer an accelerated programme for students who are achieving at a high level of the curriculum.  Through specific testing, students identified are invited into the programme, which provides opportunities for students to be challenged, at the same time catering for the social and emotional needs of identified children. International and national testing is a compulsory component of our programme.

Future Problem Solving is a major component of the accelerate class programme providing students with opportunities to develop creative, critical and analytical thinking by exploring complex societal issues.


Students are encouraged, if possible, to bring their own device to use as a tool for learning in classrooms. We ask that students bring either a:

–       Chromebook

–       iPad (capable of running a current OS)

–       Apple laptop

Our school limits BYOD to these products to make connecting to and managing our network straightforward and to make troubleshooting less problematic. We recommend Apple products, as these have longer-lasting properties and inbuilt virus protection.  We recommend Chromebooks as a practical, affordable option.

Please remember that BYOD is optional. Every classroom has access to a range of iPads, MacBooks and Chromebooks. The ratio of devices to students is currently around 1:2 which is sufficient to allow equity amongst students.

Mobile phones are not an approved learning device.

Hire to buy information can be discussed with staff at Noel Leeming.


Digital Technology

Digital Technology is part of our specialist rotations. Students are given the opportunity to understand the ‘Design Thinking Process’ where they make connections to real life contexts to plan, design and create solutions.  They learn to manipulate and use different applications for a particular purpose.

They are taught the fundamentals of computational thinking and the programme aims to develop an understanding of the key vocabulary and elements of programming.

Leadership / Citizenship

– Class Councillors/School Council
– Combined Intermediate Schools Leadership Camp – Kaea mo te roopu kapahaka o Kia Maia
– Librarians
– Pupil Led Assemblies
– Enviro Group
– Travel Safe
– Self Defense for Girls
– 40 Hour Famine

Kiwi Can Programme

This programme teaches essential life skills and values such as resilience, respect, integrity and manners. It’s a whole school programme with all children attending a Kiwi Can lesson once a week. Specially trained Kiwi Can Leaders work in pairs delivering the high energy, interactive and, most importantly, fun lessons and are awesome role models for the kids to look up to.

Kiwi Can Programme Research and Evaluation Information


Awarded for recognition and achievement. The school presents blues to students who have represented our school or achieved high standards. Blues are awarded for academic achievement, sport, and citizenship.

Special Needs Programmes

– Tutor Reading
– Toe by toe (phonics)
–  Programmes and support for students with learning and/or behaviour difficulties

  • English Language Learning for speakers of other languages
  • Strong working partnerships with support agencies

Extra Curricular

Mount Maunganui Intermediate students are given the opportunity to participate and excel in a wide range of sports and cultural activities.


  • Otago Problem Solving
  • Future Problem Solving
  • Annual participation in the ICAS international examinations.
  • Literature Quiz
  • Bay Maths
  • Science Fair
  • Life Education Trust
  • Te Reo Extension
  • Zerowaste
  • Careers Expo


  • Performing Arts
  • Kia Maia Kapa Haka Roopu
  • Fresh Moves
  • Hip Hop Dance Tuition
  • Instrument Tuition: voice, clarinet, flute, drums,  saxophone, bass, keyboard
  • Orchestra
  • Choir/Kids for Kids Concert/Combined Choirs
  • Talent Quest
  • Rockquest
  • Arts Evening
  • Aim’s Arts Days
  • Year 8 Graduation Social