Education outside the classroom (EOTC)

Education Outside the Classroom

Education outside the classroom (EOTC) is an essential part of school life in New Zealand. To extend students’ learning experiences beyond the classroom, we like to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the wider community and the environment.

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Donations Scheme – We have again opted into the School Donation Scheme in 2021.
This means that the government will contribute $150 per child to our school operations grant, based upon the 2020 July roll return. We have opted into the government scheme, in good faith, in order to reduce the burden on families.  Prior to 2020, we asked families for a school donation, specialist fees and fees for day trips and education outside the classroom (camps).

The majority of camps were cancelled in 2020, due to Covid-19.  We cannot ask for any fees related to curriculum, with one exception.  We can ask families to make a voluntary donation towards the cost of camp.

We believe that EOTC/School Camps is a very important part of the curriculum for emerging adolescents.  The voluntary camp donation for all students in 2021 is $125.00.

All children will attend school camp, regardless of whether camp fee donation is paid or not, however, we are sincerely hoping that as many families will make the voluntary camp donation in 2021. 

We may not be able to sustain the EOTC/School Camp programme if we do not receive your support, in order to cover costs. 

June 2024