Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures

In the event of a school closure or evacuation, families will be informed via email, text, website and display board

Flooding or Fire: 


  1. The electric bell system will be used to signal evacuation.
  2. Should this not be operating, the alarm will be raised by voice or hand bell.


  1. Leave buildings in an orderly manner, by the quickest and safest route. Doors and windows to be closed.
  2. Move to assembly point on the field and sit in class lines.
  3. Class rolls distributed to teachers.
  4. Rolls are checked against daily attendance master and out of school register.
  5. Teachers remain with their class until person in charge dismisses everyone.

Dispersal of Pupils

  • Whether to send pupils home will be decided by the Principal / Deputy Principal. They will not be released until it is safe to travel. Parents may uplift their own children after notifying the class teacher, who will report to the Office Manager.
  • Other children will remain under the supervision of staff until they are uplifted.
  • Bus pupils will remain at school until transport arrangements have been made.


During Class Time

  1. On command “Take Cover” move under or beside desk.
  2. Remain in this position until tremors have ceased.
  3. Return to seats or evacuate if series of short rings on school bell is heard [or hand bell, whistle blasts] to assemble on the field.
  4. Roll call and any required dispersal of students as per Fire & Flooding.

During Break Times

  1. Move clear of buildings – and stay still.
  2. Move to rugby field on evacuation signal.
  3. Proceed as for fire.

During Hall Assembly

  1. Lean forward with hands clasped behind neck.
  2. Remain in this position until tremors have ceased.
  3. Move to rugby field area after organised dismissal from hall on evacuation signal.
  4. Proceed as for fire.


NB – we are within a “Tsunami Safe Zone” as determined by Tauranga City Council.


If we are informed of a tsunami warning, via a community alarm system, or through notification from Civil Defence, the school will be informed..

  • Students and staff will return to / remain in classes – if at tech, the students stay in those rooms and remain calm and settled until further notice.
  • All visitors must be accounted for by staff-member who they are visiting or office staff if visitors are in the admin area.
  • A roll check will be completed.
  • Office staff will communicate with parents via text or the email tree.
  • Families can come to the office and collect their children, if they are able
  • The school will follow Civil Defence instructions as they are available.
  • Macville Park is our nearest assembly area, if we are directed to move.


Lockdown Procedure

  • Office staff to dial 111 immediately.
  • Any visitors in the school are to stay where they are.
  • Students who are in a class other than their own – the teacher in that room is to let the child’s class teacher know that they are accounted for and keep them in the room they are in.
  • All students to sit on the floor – teachers call roll and inform office.
  • Teachers to organise for windows to be closed and “double doors” locked. Classroom door locked once all students are accounted for.
  • Pull down blinds if available in the room.
  • Voices are to be kept to a minimum.
  • Return immediately to classrooms by the fastest route OR by the route and to the place directed by a staff member.
  • Teacher to conduct a roll call to see that all are present immediately.
  • Follow the ‘if in classroom’ procedures.
  • If the lockdown is during a lunch break, teachers are to check the next door class in case anyone is offsite. If no teacher, move the two classes together.
  • Children remain in the hall and follow classroom procedure.
  • Signal – informed by senior management/office staff, who will come to allocated rooms and unlock these from the outside.
  • If near the end of the day, the bus company would need to be informed [office responsibility].
  • If a class is off-site, the teacher[s] would need to be informed to stay safe (office staff).
  • Families informed, if possible, via email tree / website / text (office staff).


December 2022