Humble in Victory, Gracious in Defeat!

Our MMI Boys Hockey Team has had a busy week and been playing some challenging teams.  The AIMS oath of being gracious in defeat was what our boys hockey has done throughout the week.  On Thursday 7 September, the boys team had an early morning game at 8am. It was beautiful, the sun was shining and Mount Maunganui looked like they were in good spirits.

MMI was playing Mahurangi School, which is a school from Warkworth.  Another school that has travelled a huge distance to be here for the week.  A great start from Flynn Augustine with a great pass to Finn Boreman.   It was exciting to watch the passage of play as Sam Martin got the ball from midway and scored. The crowd was very pleased as it was quite rare for this season for the team to score goals, as they were in the top pool for Tauranga.

Some key other moments of the game were when Otis Keeble was amazing on the defence passing to Zac Calley. There were some attempts at the goal but lucky Fynn Kayser was in the goal. Jill Johnstone, the teacher in charge of hockey, mentioned that he has been awesome in previous games stopping lots of goals.  

The crowd supported MMI boys all the way. It was great for the team to hear this support, getting them excited in times of need. There was heaps of pressure coming from both teams. Our MMI boys team was learning from their mistakes and were getting stronger on defence. 

The team worked together to help prevent Mahurangi getting goals. Mount was using all the advantages that they could but could not stop the Mahurangi team. Another goal for Mahurangi. The defence was still working on getting in front of players to help the goalie.

In conclusion, MMI has done okay for their pool. They say they will try really hard in the next game as they are playing a local team called ACG. This will be another challenge but lots of good learning for this team from the week. 


By Harry Lorentsson

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