Mitchell Hill gets a Stunning Cross!

On Wednesday 6 September, we were entertained by our MMI Boys Football Team.  This team had already had 5 games and had won 4 of these. Well deservedly, they had qualified for the top 16.  The game today, MMI was versus Otumoetai, a local rival school.

One of the key highlights was a cross performed by Daniel Bell over the goalie, it looked like he had missed, but out of nowhere Mitchell Hill came and finished the beautiful cross with the first goal for the game. The supporters were going crazy after the first goal knowing it would be an evenly matched game. This set the team on a buzz and they were working hard to get a second goal.  

The game was full of hype and energy with heaps of talk amongst the team.  Otumoetai assists with the defence to get the ball out of the MMI goal zone.

Sol got injured on field due to a slide tackle which resulted in getting subbed off for Rufus. 

One of the key plays was when the defence had to try and take down Otumoetai, when they broke past the strikers and wings. Josh Ramshaw always regained possession of the ball, stealing it from Otumoetai.  It was great to see strong defence from Lucas Bryant that kept the Otumoetai team frustrated, which made it difficult for them to have any breaks to get the ball near their goal.

In conclusion, MMI played this game really well as a team and were happy with a finishing score of 1-0 .  They had to stay positive and stop the Otumoetai team from getting close to a goal. Well Done MMI!

By Harry Lorentsson

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