MMI 2023 Invitational Futsal Team

Our MMI Futsal team was invited to join the tournament to ensure that everyone in the draw played a game to prevent teams having byes. On Tuesday 5 September, our MMI invitational team played Katikati.

Kicking it off with a motivational group huddle. Their coach Kiwican Sam began warming the team up, kicking it to one another and sprinting, jumping and diving for the ball.  

Suddenly Katikati booted the ball, not to fear Ezra was there,  with an awesome dive to save and prevent the goal! As the ball travels back towards Katikati’s goal, out comes Deegan with his great defence. Daniel had a great try at scoring, then took an aggressive push from a Katikati player. He was looking around at the ref, expecting a foul but the ref was playing on!

Quite a few attempts to score, but it was very tough to get goals through with the Katikati goalkeeper. No points so far. With big crazy passes from our goalkeepers one end to the next affecting the ball to leave the court.

“Go MMI!” Whaea Melissa belted loudly to hype up our wonderful MMI team. So they would have the courage to give it all they have.

Great game from our invitational futsal team!

Written by Ayla Wild

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September 2023