Girls Basketball on fire

Tuesday the 5th of September our MMI girls basketball was ready to play Albany College.  Our MMI AIMS girls 5 aside team warmed up well and were organised to take the court at 12.10pm.  Mārika started the game on the whistle with the toss against Albany. At this stage this could be anyone’s game.

MMI started strong with Aria scoring the first goal of the game. The MMI girls basketball team looked well drilled and were playing as a team. With a quick scramble for the ball from Indi and another girl from Albany the game continued to get harder. MMI’s team was starting to fall behind, quickly MMI called time out and proceeded to re-group and recuperate. Coming back from time out MMI was back and ready as ever to play their best. With good positioning and strong movements MMI was scoring and playing strong. By the second quarter the score was tilting in MMIs favour – 12-0. There was a nice easy goal for MMI, scored by Mārika, who also had very good mid court defence.  Mārika and Alby were making it hard for Albany to get any chance at a good shot. And MMI continued with a strong lead.

Albany worked hard in the second quarter, trying to score however the ball was close but not close enough. Indi had a good dribble down the court but just missed the hoop. Albany continued to play well and scored due to a penalty shot. Continuing to see good defence and rebounds from Lilly and Acacia. Azareah looked like she had an injury, with her thigh bandaged up but this did not seem to affect her performance on the court.  Continuing with a lead and by half time the score was 12-6.

There were many people watching and many supporters for each team. It was great to see the spectators cheering and clapping for their favourite team.

In conclusion, MMIs girls basketball team had an excellent time and a great game ending with 21-8 to MMI!

By Indigo.

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