MMI Can’t be Stopped!  

Our mixed hockey team strives for a win.

Mount Intermediate Mixed Hockey team had a great game this Thursday – the 7th of September. They have now won most of their games which is an awesome result from our school. This team has always been trying their best with a positive attitude.  

Arriving at the game a few minutes early, we got to see the end of a shootout between a couple of other schools. Even just watching their reactions watching a hockey game that they had nothing to do with, really showed their passion for the sport. They were absolutely silent, as they were concentrating on the match only. 

Our MMI’s hockey game started off filled with action. We got a goal in the first few minutes, which is awesome! MMI was so good at communicating with each other, and continued to perform well as a team, scoring two goals in the first few minutes. The team was positive, no matter what was happening.

Toby Bowling scored the first goal. Throughout the whole game, he was getting in there and chasing the ball down with a lot of energy. Hailey Scrimgeour was a great defence player. As soon as the ball came into her half, she would send it flying to one of the attack players, who would then take a shot. With Hailey on the court,  Whangarei Heads School did not stand a chance at scoring. Ruby Johnson scored the second goal, with such precision, shooting it right past the goalie.

Mount was very well prepared. They had their green uniforms, with heaps of bright green accessories including ribbons in their hair, wristbands on their arms, and neon headbands. Hopefully, this made the opposition feel slightly threatened by all of our green.

The final score was an amazing 4-0. What an awesome win! MMI definitely showed our values- Humble in Victory, and Gracious in defeat. Lucky for us, it was the victory part of it that we were awesome enough to show today. Congratulations Mount! 

Media Team- Savannah Quinn

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