Our MMI AIMS 5×5 Basketball are very hard to beat!

The 5×5 boys basketball team for AIMS are off to a very strong start as they excel in their second game of the AIMS tournament. In their first game played on Monday 4 September, they did amazing, beating South Wellington Intermediate by 58 shots. Their second game played on Tuesday 5 September was another absolutely incredible performance. They did not let the other team score one goal during the whole game. The score ended up being 100-0! What an awesome effort! 

Their opponent in this game was Otakiri, a school from Edgecumbe, which is just outside Whakatane. They wore a black uniform with details in white. Our bright green uniform looked so bright and awesome next to the dark t-shirts of Otakiri School.

Some really awesome plays during the game, was when Jacob Ngatai leaped from a couple meters away to stop the ball going out.  It looked like he was flying. Ariki Jacob then caught the ball and took a shot. Goal!

Jacob was on fire. He took quite a few of the shots that went in. Ariki was a great defender, and he jumped so high to get the ball into the hoop. Raniera had such a great shot, and he was not fazed by all the distractions around him. Everyone was so supportive of each other, and they were such supportive, good team players.

During the  warm up, you could tell that the teams were on two different levels.  With so many teams in this competition, the pool plays can be tough for some teams.  The competition will get tougher as the week goes on.  

As the game went on, it soon became obvious that our MMI team had no intention to slow down. This unstoppable team had the same amount of energy and enthusiasm in every quarter. They would not be beaten.

There are over 90 basketball teams in the AIMS basketball competition, and in my opinion these incredible players will AT LEAST make top 4. 

This is absolutely unbelievable, the results we have been getting from MMI are awesome! Congratulations to everyone doing anything in AIMS, you are doing an amazing job representing our school values. This is a VERY good turnout of their game, follow along here to see more updates of our MMI teams. Congratulations boys, looking forward to hopefully seeing you in the finals!

Media Team – Savannah Quinn

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