MMI Water Polo AIMS off to a strong start!

Our MMI Water Polo Team enters Baywave pool with a splash.  Their 3rd game for the tournament and they are looking strong.  Tuesday 5 September MMI vs Carmel College at 10.30am.

Jake Thompson as the first quarter goalie had not much to do as Carmel had no way through the tough defence of MMI. MMI played heavy on the defence whilst still having great shots at the goal. Carmel College had no chance.

Early on in the game it soon became apparent that this game would give our MMI team an opportunity to develop their team plays and skills. It was a great warmup game to get into the water polo spirit and help them prepare for upcoming stronger games in the tournament.

Ollie Jones was a strong competitor and was able to score due to his strong  team around him delivering him some great ball.  He would swim ahead of the ball then it  would be passed over everyone’s heads then boom he scores he got 3 goals that way. It’s hard to believe that Carmel did not pick up on this.

The MMI hockey team was watching, exploding with happiness at each goal carmels audience was very quiet.

In conclusion our MMI team has exceeded expectations and aced the first match with a score of 17-0!

Media Team – Harry Lorentsson

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June 2024