Our MMI Girls First Hockey Game

On Sunday the 3rd of September AIMS games officially began! The next day many teams gathered at Blake park ready to begin the fun! The Mount intermediate girls hockey team was ready for their first game starting at 10:45am at the Blake Park hockey turf. 

You could feel the excitement as the teams began their pre game warm up. The Zespri AIMS games have been going on since 2004 and everyone was ecstatic to continue the tradition.        MMI and Sacred Hearts teams both chose their sides before beginning the competition.

Watching on you couldn’t help but hold your breath in anticipation as it was down near MMIs goal and then down at Sacred Hearts goal.

With the flexibility of roles and the ability to swap out and in the team scored 2 goals both of which were from Ruby Trueman. The team continued to persevere and played on through the cold weather and harsh wind. The team’s players were Ellie Renwick, Isla Nelson, Khloe Warner, Charly Cave, Mākere Cowie-Beaufort, Ruby Trueman, Veronica Hiha and Zoe Whyte.

There were parents and team supporters standing by, clapping respectfully when a team got a goal and many cheering on with pride. The battle continued and eventually was left with a tie of two goals each.

Wishing them the best, we simply cannot wait to hear about future games and scores and what their next steps are in AIMS.

 By Indigo Semple

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