Our MMI Rip Team Rips into it!

AIMS Rip Rugby is a fast-paced game full of crucial moments. That was what you got to see when the MMI Rip rugby team versed Tamatea’s team on Thursday 7 September. Both teams have already had 12 games this week with mostly wins. This game played at Blake Park Oval was an important one. 

 As soon as the whistle blew at 10.05 am the game was on! It was intense, watching as the ball went back and forth, holding your breath as one of the team’s players was about to score and then RIP the other team would rip the tag from the ball carrier’s belt.

 Mount had both good defence and attack making it possible for them to get a try.  Was a relief to see the first try to MMI. The game continued with Tamatea’s team feeling the need to even out the score. So that’s what they did, with good defence and passes Tamatea’s team was able to get a try. 

MMI’s team had some close calls, with Tamatea getting very close to getting multiple tries but with good defence from Carter, Milla and Arli the score stayed even. Darius from MMI gets the second score! But Tamatea was able to score another, making the scores even again. However, MMI’s team got the ball and Karcia was able to score a third try! Uh oh… and so was Tamatea. 

Both MMI and Tamatea had many supporters including parents, school mates, and teachers. It was great that so many people were able to show and give their support. A big shout out to the games Referees, who were able to control the game while keeping it friendly and fun!

With only short 10 minute halves, time was running out for both teams to score another try. The game ended with a draw of 3-3. Both teams should feel proud of the close game.

Written by Media Team – Indigo Semple

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