Parents Cybersafety Evening – ‘Our Kids Online’

Because of the rapidly changing times, our tamariki are growing up in and, the mounting challenges and harms they are facing online we need to start talking about and tackling this as a community.

As such, we have organised Author, Filmmaker and Speaker Rob Cope, producer of the documentary “Our Kids Online” to come and give what promises to be a humorous and eye-opening evening talk to our parent community.

His talk will cover

  • Cyberbullying – How cyberbullies can reach our kids 24/7
  • Social media – The pressure for kids to build an online brand that is often far removed from their authentic selves. FOMO, Highlight Reels 
  • Gaming and the developing brain – An oversupply of dopamine leading to dopamine deficiency, synaptic pruning, and the underdevelopment of social skills and empathy
  • Naked Selfies – The pressure to send nudes from intermediate up through high school 
  • Online predators – The methods they use, how to spot them, and how to get out from under their control if your child has been trapped

Online porn vs healthy sexuality – How consuming online pornography as a child or teen can create a sexual template where violence, aggression, and dominance are seen as normal and consent can become very blurry

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September 2023