Well that’s a wrap! Zespri AIMS Games 2023 is over for another year. What an amazing experience for our MMI athletes, supporters and staff.  We have been lucky to witness some passionate athletes that have shown a commitment and dedication to their chosen sports to get here.

As the week went on you could feel the intensity of the games and the pressure that some athletes performed.  Our Football Boys and Girls both made it through to playoffs for 3rd and 4th place on Friday 8th September.  Both teams put everything into their final game and it was tough to watch.  Eac of the games ended in a draw and it came down to penalty shoot outs.

Our MMI boys team had Enzo in the goal, he was doing great along with Josh Ramshaw, Lukas Bryant, George Green. They were stunning on defence and constantly cleared the ball so Enzo wouldn’t have to be at risk. Although Oliver Williams was injured he still managed to get a penalty shoot out goal.  

Our MMI girls team played straight after the boys and witnessed their defeat whilst still having to be mentally prepared for their own game. They were quite relaxed and looked prepared to play their best game. The girls game was also a tight one with the full time score being a draw.  So they had to prepare for a penalty shoot out as well.  With no specific goalie in this team, Belle Ririnui took on this pressure role.  Luckily for the girls this ended well.  Our Football Girls were 2023 BRONZE AIMS Games medalists.  WOO HOO!

All the supporters that we chatted to were so positive about their week and many had taken the week of work to be part of the buzz.  We also noticed that many of the team’s coaches and managers were parents who have also given up so much for our MMI athletes.  Listening and watching their pregame and halftime huddles really showed the knowledge and expertise that these coaches have.

Some amazing results from our athletes this week go to…

  • Mason Snow resulting in 1st place for Mountain biking
  • Mila and Rio Piatek both getting gold medals for rock climbing
  • Girls Football 3rd Place  
  • Boys Football 4th Place
  • Water Polo 6th Place
  • Jake Te whero Mills finished 2nd place in canoe slalom
  • Sienna Rowe placed a whooping 2nd in cross country

Many of our teams and individuals were honoured with some very prestigious awards of sportsmanship and fair play.

  • Leo McKenzie for biking
  • Boys table tennis for their awesome attitude on the court.

We have had a busy week and tried to get around to most sports but this was impossible.  Here are some amazing pics that have been shared by teachers and coaches for the week.  Enjoy these and look out for AIMS updates again in the future.

Written by Ayla Wild and Harry Lorentsson

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