Positive Culture for Learning – PC4L

Mount Maunganui Intermediate is a PC4L – Positive Culture for Learning – school. All students are taught and expected to display our school values of Ako, Manaaki, Pono and Tuakiri.

We aim to develop positive and respectful relationships, a caring inclusive culture where students feel valued and the whole community feels safe. We take a positive approach to addressing behaviour and students are awarded AMPT Tokens in the playground and Kia Maia Awards in the classroom.

AMPT Tokens
These are given out in the playground and students hand them into the Library. This is run as a House Competition with the winning house getting a prize at the end of each term.

Kia Maia
Kia Maia Awards are given to 6 students per class per week. The are awarded to students who show our Coastal Values. All Kia Maia recipients go into an assembly draw to win prizes.

We have consistent expectations for learning and behaviour across all settings and classes. All classes have a behavioural system in place, although these may look different from class to class. Students are explained this process clearly at the start of the year.

Think Sheet
If students work through the classroom behavioural process, and their behavioural still continues to be disruptive, they may be asked to work in another class or complete an MMI Think Sheet. This is a worksheet that students must complete to reflect on their behaviour. Think Sheets are completed at school and then taken home for parents to sign before it is brought back to school. If your child comes home with a Think Sheet then please discuss this with your child.

June 2024