Specialist – Arts and Technology

Specialists at Mount Maunganui Intermediate

aim to provide a range of dynamic opportunities to

help students prepare for future pathways.

Confidence Creativity Collaboration

All specialist classes are composite classes, the classes are made up of a mix of students across their house.

Images above are of recent artworks completed by our students in Visual Art.

Parents/caregivers may choose to pay a contribution towards the take home component of our specialist programme.  This contribution is set at $40.00 per annum.  This cost covers resources we use such as ingredients for cooking, art materials, hard materials etc.

Students are provided with numerous opportunities to create and learn about various forms of art. They learn about various artists and use their works as inspiration and motivation.

We endeavour to transform our students’ creative ideas/designs into expressive works that communicate meaning.

We provide a fun learning environment where students are proud of their learning and accomplishments.

Our extensive range of specialist classes are dynamic, innovative, creative and are hugely popular with our students.

Specialist subjects we offer at Mt Maunganui Intermediate include:

  • Visual Arts
  • Music
  • Dance and Drama
  • Food Technology
  • Hard Materials
  • Electronics, Digitech and Robotics