Below you will find the link to order 2022 stationery online.  

Link – Year 7/8 Stationery Orders

The pack contains all of the exercise books, pens, pencils, rubbers, rulers, highlighters, clear-files, glue sticks (and everything else stationery) that your child needs for the whole school year, for both year groups.

You will be asked to enter your child’s name and room number.  There is also an option to “add on” a set of headphones for your child if you wish.  Headphones would be a handy tool for each student to have.

The 2022 stationery packs will cost $32.50 and will be delivered to school during their first week.

Online orders are now open and need to be done by Monday 24th January.

We do not sell stationery from the school office.