Totara Springs Sports Camp

Our 2019 sports camp is held during week 9, 24th – 28th June 2019.

The maximum team size is 38 members. The team will be selected by the end of week 6 (Friday 7th June), after consultation with teachers and coaches.

The team will compete against 8 other intermediate schools from around the central north island.

It requires a real mixture of different abilities, with the following sports included, in the very challenging week, either as girls, boys or mixed teams.

Basketball, Field Hockey, Indoor Hockey, Volleyball, Rugby, Netball, Field Soccer, Indoor Soccer, Cage Soccer, Softball, Table Tennis, Bowls, Chess, Croquet, Darts, Draughts, Pentangue, Tag, Touch, Cross Country, Wallball, Tennis, Archery, Shooting, Kayaking, Golf, Frisbee Golf, Team Triathlon, Swimming, Athletics, Spikeball & Team Cheerleading

Click on this link below and have a look at the Totara Springs Sports Camp website:

sports camp