The footwear for winter is plain black shoes, ankle cut, leather look.  If a sports shoe is preferred, it must be entirely black with no white/coloured emblems or labels etc. Boots and platform shoes are not permitted.

Summer Uniform:

Term 1 and 4 are summer terms, school hats are compulsory in the playground.  Please ensure that you get organised for this over the holidays so everyone can be in the correct uniform on day one.  Hats are available for purchase from NZ Uniforms, Elizabeth Street, Tauranga. They cost $20.00.  MMI Bucket hat


The uniform for summer footwear is black, school-style sandals, with a back strap/buckle. Traditionally, we have asked that roman sandals are worn, but we realise that some students prefer more arch support.  For this reason, we are allowing other types of school sandals to be worn.   Scuffs or jandals are not acceptable.  The sandal must have a black sole and be hard wearing and practical.  Here are some examples of suitable footwear: If you are unsure, please pop in and check at the office.

sandal1 sandal2 sandal3

The Warehouse Uniform Price List August 2020

NZ Uniforms School Pricelist Mt Intermediate