ZESPRI AIMS Games GIVE BACK and our very own GREEN TEAM!

Zespri AIMS Games run a fantastic event during the AIMS week called AIMS Games Give Back. This is where teams head to the beach in their downtime and complete a beach clean up. The Give Back is run in conjunction with Tauranga City Council and last year the teams collected a total of 35.9 kgs of waste: 47% being recyclable and 53% being destined for landfill.  Such a great way to get our athletes thinking about environmental issues and ways to be sustainable. This year’s results are not out yet, but let’s hope that it is less than last year! We really do hope that everyone is doing a better job of not dumping their trash on our beautiful beach.

Our MMI Green Team are also thinking sustainably and they have been doing a wonderful job at keeping our whēnua nice and clean. The Green Team are situated at the Tauranga netball courts, and sadly they end up gaining 3 buckets of rubbish each a day! That’s a lot of rubbish. By the morning of Thursday 7th september our Green Team had already emptied 8 full rubbish bins. 

Juno Steer implied that they are all having lots of fun and enjoying their time at AIMS week but the wet, cold and a little bit of hot weather made the week quite tiring.

Thanks to our amazing Green Team: Josie Crowder, Juno Steer, Esme Rutherford, Mae Stockman, Zoe Jones, Emerson Panettiere-Brown, Stella Murphy, Sasha Scheckle, Stella Dixon and Hayden Appleton. Also a special thanks to Mrs Barr who is the teacher in charge and says that she has been quite exhausted each day and sleeping well each night.

So Proud MMI!

Written By Ayla Wild

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June 2024